A NIH-funded postdoctoral position within the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the Scripps Research Institute, Florida campus, is available to study REV-ERB-mediated transcriptional control of TH17-mediated autoimmunity and chronic inflammation. The candidate will use currently available strains of reporter and gene-deficient mice in combination with ROR- and REV-ERB-selective small molecules, that we have developed, to dissect the molecular mechanisms by which the REV-ERBs control TH17 cell function under normal and disease states. Building off of previously published work (PMID: 30590045), we aim to understand how ligands influence receptor activity and downstream transcriptional output, environmental factors that affect REV-ERB activity driving disease pathogenesis, and cross-talk between the REV-ERBs and other nuclear receptors.

This project is multidisciplinary, using a variety of techniques and approaches including immunology, mouse genetics, molecular biology techniques, chemical biology, and genomics. A successful candidate will contribute to all aspects of the project, including experimental design, analysis, and data interpretation. Experience with next-generation sequencing is preferred.

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