The Martin-Fardon lab the Department of Molecular Medicine, is seeking applications for a postdoctoral position. The successful applicant will receive training under support from our NIH/NIAAA Institutional Training Grant (T32 AA007456), directed by Dr. Marisa Roberto, which has been training young scientists in the field of substance abuse for 30+ years. The Training Program is run in association with the TSRI Alcohol Research Center and there is a major focus on health consequence of alcohol. In addition, a growing recognition that many individuals who abuse alcohol also use other addictive drugs spurs new interest in research on the combined and interactive effects of alcohol and other psychotropic drugs.

This solicitation seeks applicants who have an interest in the individual with alcohol use disorder as well as the interacting effects of alcohol and other abused substances, or who seek to investigate common mechanisms that may contribute to polysubstance abuse.

Dr. Martin-Fardon projects are focused on 1) characterization of neural mechanisms of reward, dependence, withdrawal and relapse using pharmacology, in vivo neurochemistry, and molecular approaches; 2) behavioral analyses using animal models of binge-like drug consumption, escalation of drug intake which models compulsive consumption, negative reinforcement of drug taking during dependence, dysregulated stress responsivity and affect control during protracted withdrawal, impaired cognitive function and reinstatement of extinguished drug-seeking behavior.

Applicants should have a recent doctoral degree in a relevant field and a strong interest in substance abuse research. US citizenship or Permanent Resident status is required. An ability to think critically and creatively, along with strong writing and communication skills is essential. Applications for this NIH funded position will be accepted until the position is filled. /The Scripps Research Institute is an equal opportunity employer and individuals underrepresented in the field are especially encouraged to apply./ Applications will be considered until the positions are filled.

Interested candidates should send a brief letter of research and career interest, curriculum vitae and the names and contact information of three references to:
Remi Martin-Fardon, Ph.D., TSRI, Department of Neuroscience, 10550 North Torrey Pines Road, SR-107; La Jolla, USA 92037. Email: rmartinf@scripps.edu.

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