The Senior Staff Scientist, Biomedical Informatics will report to Associate Professor and Director of Genomics at The Scripps Research Translational Institute (SRTI) at Scripps Research to provide practical, creative, and comprehensive solutions to cutting edge problems in combining phenotypic data with human genetics and genomics data at large scale. This role will work with a small team of computational and quantitative biologists on human genomics projects primarily focused on the detection of novel genetic associations, prediction of disease risk from genetic and phenotypic data, and the use of genetic information in precision medicine initiatives.
• Drive the design and development of complex analytical pipelines for a wide range of human datasets, including (but not limited to) electronic health records, cohort and clinical trial data, and wearable health sensor data.
• Establish, maintain, and analyze large databases of clinical and patient-generated health data as part of on-going and future research efforts.
• Independently develop new algorithms, techniques, and computational statistical methodologies to analyze datasets.
• Work collaboratively with a diverse and interdisciplinary team of physicians, computer scientists, behaviorists, and biostatisticians to address pressing biomedical questions and needs.
• Develop and maintain computational infrastructure to support analytical needs.
• Generate reports and visualizations to communicate findings to a wide audience.
• Contribute to the development of new research efforts, studies, grants, and publications.
• Perform other related duties as required or assigned.
This is a developmental position. Reports to an SRTI or Scripps Research PI, making decisions with guidance that allows for some independent creativity and problem solving. Errors will be handled at the PI’s discretion.
Senior Staff Scientist, Biomedical Informatics will be a key member of the Directors clinical-translational research team. Will present research proposals and results on a regular schedule within the PI’s research group and, where applicable, to project groups that include researchers from collaborating universities and companies.
Demonstrates technical proficiency, scientific creativity, and independent thought in methods of analysis and interpretation of results.
This position does not supervise others.

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