High School Principal

Department: Chief Kitsap Academy
Classification: Full-Time, Salaried

Benefiting your future!
•    Competitive pay of $118K – $161K / DOE
•    Employee Medical, Dental, Vision premium
•   $50,000 Basic Life Insurance, Long Term Disability
•    Voluntary Flexible Spending Account, Life Insurance, Short Term Disability
•    401(k), and up to 5% Employer Contribution Match
•    Paid Leave: Sick, Closure

Your Education / Experience
•    Masters Degree in educational administration, supervision, or appropriately related field
•    Current Washington State Principal Certificate for Secondary Education
•    A minimum two years’ experience working with public school district staff and community agency officers and representatives
•    Minimum of five years successful public teaching
•    Experience in developing, implementing and managing complex budgets
•    Experience working with students and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds

Your Responsibilities
To Administration:
•    Works directly under the supervision of the Superintendent of Education and is directly responsible to the Superintendent
•    Confer with and acts under the direction of the Superintendent on all matters concerning the school and student policies and procedures
•    Develops and maintains cooperative relationships with parents and organizations within the community
•    Directs the forecast of funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials, and supplies and assists the Superintendent in developing the high school’s annual budget
•    Administers the high school’s budget, including monitoring and approving expenditures
•    Maintains a safe and orderly school environment
•    Supervises the resolution of student, parent, faculty, and staff concerns
•    Implements disciplinary policies and procedures related to student behavior and scholastic achievement
•    Ensures due process is provided to students and parents in student disciplinary actions in accordance with the school’s rules and regulations
•    Coordinates and supervises student services programs designed to assist students with social and emotional adjustments to school
•    Oversees all general communications and correspondence to students, faculty, staff, and parents regarding instructional programs
•    Oversees the maintenance of the high school property and equipment
•    Oversees the school’s transportation program
•    Performs other duties as directed by the Superintendent
To Faculty and Staff
•    Evaluates the curriculum and recommends improvements to and assists in upgrading the instructional program on an on-going basis
•    Develops and monitors the master schedule of course offerings
•    Assures compliance with accreditation guidelines
•   Assigns and oversees faculty teaching loads and special duties
•    Conducts regular meetings of the faculty and/or staff
•    Supervises and evaluates faculty and staff
•    Develops and oversees faculty and staff in-service programs, training, and workshops and assists individuals in their professional development
•    Implements faculty and staff discipline procedures
•    Works with management personnel to correct individual faculty or staff performance deficiencies
•    Makes recommendations on retention or dismissal of faculty and staff members
To Students:
•    Directs the scheduling of classes and student activities
•    Schedules and directs student extra-curricular affairs
•    Coordinates the safety of all students
•    Suspends students and recommends expulsion of students to the Superintendent for violations of school policies and procedures and Tribal laws
•    Coordinates high school programs, events and activities with related departments and outside agencies and organizations
•    Supervises the maintenance of proper student records and ensures confidentiality of these records
•    Facilitates community participation in the use of the school

Qualifications You’ll Bring
•    Substantial knowledge of current principles of high school education management and administration
•    Ability to lead faculty and staff and develop leadership among the teachers
•    Demonstrated ability to analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions, and implement recommendations in support of goals
•    Ability to relate well with the children and families of the Suquamish Tribe and other Native Americans
•    Working knowledge of school district and community agency office operations and relations with the Tribal government
•    Ability to work independently and, in same environment, lead a large team of employees who have diverse backgrounds
•    Strong oral communication and good writing skills with demonstrated ability to express ideas effectively in private and public settings
•    Highly skilled in maintaining confidentiality of information
•    Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to conduct in-house train of faculty and staff regarding mandatory reporting and confidentiality
•    Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and follow through with tasks
•    Working knowledge of principles of conflict resolution and advanced skills in resolving interpersonal problems in a high school environment

What to Expect
•   Responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective school leadership to enable the academic success of all enrolled students.
•    Supervise and direct the faculty, staff, and the students assigned to the Tribal high school
•    Oversees the care of the school facilities and its equipment.
•    Enforce rules, regulations, and directives
•    Be highly visible at the school and within the community
•    Promotes a caring, supportive, healthy and safe learning environment
•    Supports the faculty and staff
•    Maintains high performance standards
•    Provides leadership in maintaining a courteous, respectful and collaborative environment for the Suquamish learning community
•    Regular contact with School Board, Superintendent of Education, Tribal management employees and department directors, tribal education system staff, students and their families, and tribal members

•    State and Tribal Background check
•    Valid WA State Driver’s License
•    Pre-Employment drug testing
•    Native American Preference
•    Random Drug Testing
•    Suquamish Tribe Vaccine Requirements

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About The Suquamish Tribe

About The Suquamish Tribe
The Suquamish Tribe believes that our employees are one of the most important assets to the success of Tribal Government operations. We have a strong commitment to provide employees with a positive, productive work environment with opportunities for personal satisfaction and growth in a safe, healthy, and harmonious work environment. The Suquamish Tribal Government currently employs staff in the areas of Administration, Human Resources, Community Development, Early Learning, Education, Finance, Fisheries, Human Services, Health Benefits, Indian Child Welfare, Information Systems, Legal, Maintenance, Natural Resources, Public Safety, and Tribal Court.