Accountability Partners

Improve your job search with an Accountibility Partner. Referred to as a “Career Co-Conspirator” by Christie Mims, having a job search buddy gives you double the eyes, ears, contacts, and resources. They help you stay focused, motivated, and, well, accountable. Job search has highs and lows; having a fellow job seeker as a partner gives them unique insight in to your struggles, successes, and frustrations with the uneventful.

Here are some effective activities to do with your accountability partner:

  • Make a list of 3-5 Job Search Excuses. Share them with your partner and brainstorm ways to take away their power. Common job search excuses are “No one is hiring” or “I’m not qualified”. Devise a response to these with your partner: People are hiring and they cannot wait to hire you. Your partner will remind you that you are qualified and share bright ways to highlight the direct and transferrable skills on your resume.
  • Have scheduled meetings. Whether it is in person, on the phone or through the computer, make regular appointments to check in with your partner. Have an informal agenda. Set new goals and review old ones. Discuss what has been effective, ineffective, and how you can support each other’s success. Share positive affirmations. Most importantly, keep the schedule and take the partnership seriously. Routine is a key part of the job search and accountability.
  • Share Leads. Accountability partners do not have to be in the same industry. Job search is the same for most career paths. Resume tips, cover letters, networking, and interviewing have the same foundations. When job searching you may come across information, events, and resources more tailored to your partner’s goals. By sharing leads you double results without doubling your work.

“Being in a job search is often like being on a roller coaster…find someone else in a job search and partner with that person to share advice and leads and to offer support ” – Barbara Safani, Happy About My Job Search

“What do deep sea diving, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and a job search have in common? Success and sometimes even survival depend on using the buddy system.” – Clay Barrett, The Networking Buddy System for Job-Search Success

“The more public a stand, the more reluctant we will be to change it.” – Robert Cialdini, Weapons of Influence

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