American Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC) – Southern Region

The mission of AICC North Carolina is “to promote the growth and success of existing and new American Indian-owned businesses in North Carolina to improve the economic well being of all American Indians employed by them”.

The mission of AICC Texas (AICCT) is “the premier advocacy organization for entrepreneurial and educational development of American Indian Businesses”.

The mission of AICC South Carolina is “to enhance access to the Business Industry for Public and Private Agencies. To promote Commerce Opportunities, Business Education, Mentor-ship Programs, and Public Policy affecting American Indian Commerce and Development. To develop Public Awareness Programs that foster tourism through American Indian Hospitality, culture and recreation. To develop opportunities for Business Networking, Recognition and Publicizing American Indian Entrepreneurship and Personal Business Activities”

The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma was initially funded by a grant to assist with economic development of American Indian people. Launched in 1990, the Chamber is actively involved in a number of programs to help build a stronger American Indian business community in Oklahoma.

AICC – North Carolina
AICC – South Carolina
AICC – Oklahoma

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