Computer Support Specialists

Job Description: Also called IT support technicians, computer support specialists give computer software and hardware advice and guidance to both people and organizations. They may install or update software and they may train people on how to use the equipment. Support specialists provide support to IT technicians and to non-IT users. Assistance may be provided in person, over the phone, via e-mail, or instant message.

This field grows as fast as average, typically provides moderate on-the-job training, and requires strong communication skills. With the continual advancement of technology, this position requires active learning and strong independent working skills.

Work Environment: Any place that works with computers; tribal governments, for-profits and nonprofits, small and large companies, etc. Position may require travel and flexible scheduling, including nights and weekends.

Industry: Information Technology
Average Wage: $22.24 hourly, $46,260 annual
Education Level: Some college, no degree
Certification Required: Yes

Related Professions: Computer and Information Research Scientist, Computer Programmers, Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, Information Security Analyst, Web Developers, and Computer Network Architects, Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Software Developers, Electrical Engineering Technicians

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