Engage the Resume Reader

If a book, paper, or article is boring how much time will you spend reading it? Would you recommend a boring piece to someone? The same idea applies to your resume. If your resume doesn’t excite or connect with the reader, why will they keep reading?

We’re not recommending that you sensationalize your resume with action scenes and fiction, bright pictures or graphics (unless that’s your industry). As fun as that sounds, we’re talking about tailoring your resume to your audience.

Action words and highlighting key details engage the resume reviewer and keep them reading. Start each line of your accomplishments with a relevant verb.

Instead of an Administrative Assistant listing that they, “Made sure all phone calls were answered”. A better representation of their accomplishment is, “Answered 9 line phone system, screening and directing an average of 50 phone calls daily”

A Certified Medial Assistant might list,“Patient screening, assisting, and billing”. A stronger description is, “Conducted patient screenings, assessed and recorded vitals, and processed billing”.

Don’t get stuck trying to come up with the starting verb on your own. Use the resources below to find the action word to wow your audience.

Verb List (QuintCareer.com)
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Verb List (Berkeley)
Verb List (Yale)
Article – Make Your Resume Stand Out (ResumeEdge.com)

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