Getting the Job (aka How to Interview)

After your stellar resume has received an invitation to interview – your next steps are developing your interview strategy. Using the information gathered from your cover letter research, partnered with the job description, and company profile, you can begin to build a body of questions and answers. Preparation is the most important part of an Interview.

Some interview basics include: bring extra copies of your resume, a notepad and 2 pens, a list of tailored questions for you to ask, list of references, copies of certificates, and your portfolios. You may not need all of these. Bringing them will be the actions that demonstrate your commitment to the position and illustrate what type of employee you will be.

The more preparation, the more confident you will come across in the interview. Be prepared for the unexpected, as well. The best advice for that comes from Mary Pat W., a blogger from Linkedin. She shares, “If a question of any kind ever stumps you, remember your experience and who you are as a person has ultimately prepared you for this moment. Even if you get initially stumped, there is a place inside of you that has the answer you need.”

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