Medical Sonographer

Job Description: Also known as Ultrasound Technicians, Medical Sonographers use high frequency sound waves directed against organs, tissues, and blood flow inside the body, to generate images used by Physicians to assess and diagnose. The waves bounce off structures inside the body, producing 2D and 3D images that can be seen in color or black and white.

Work Environment: Hospitals, Physicians’ Office, Medical and Diagnostic Labs, and Outpatient Centers.

Industry: Health Care and Social Assistance

Average Wage: $31.66 hourly, $65,860 annual

Education Level: Associates Degree

Certification Required: Yes

Related Professions: Respiratory Therapists and Technologists, Medical/Clinical Laboratory Technicians, Cardiovascular Technologists, Nuclear Medical Technicians, Radiologic Technicians and Technologists, Neurodiagnostic Technologists, Endoscopy Technicians

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