Social Media Specialist

Job Description: On the most basic level, social media specialists tweet, post, pin, blog, podcast, and connect with their target audience to build brand awareness. However, their job is really much more complicated than that. Their main purpose is to market their company and/or product to increase and engage their target audience. Take a moment and think about the last company you’ve followed online: What are they posting? To whom are they posting? How often are they posting? It’s all part of their social media marketing campaign.

For smaller companies, they may have part-time or contracted social media staff. Large companies may have multiple full-time staff to ensure their content is continually updated. More job openings are requiring some college, but employers are primarily looking for experience and measurable achievements. Achievements would include increases in followers, more people talking about your company positively online, and shared posts. Candidates need professional experience with social media platforms (Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc), marketing principles, and familiarity with the target demographic. Luckily for people interested in this career, many organizations and non-profits have volunteer opportunities to build that experience.

Most importantly, this job is fun. Social media specialists are able to share new opportunities and exciting activities. They may attend events to promote them via Instagram or blog about. They research and share the latest trends, funny memes, and inspire brand loyalty. They can celebrate, cheer on, and promote the achievements their friends, followers, and subscribers. As long as the content stays relevant and appropriate to the brand, the job of a social media specialist is awesome.

Work Environment: Can work from home, at the office, or in the field. May be required travel to develop content.

Industry: Marketing & Public Relations

Average Wage: $26.44 hourly, $55,000 annual

Education Level: High school, some college

Certification Required: No

Related Professions: Brand Manager, Engagement Coordinator, Blogger, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Analyst, Marketing Coordinator, Digital Media Coordinator, Public Relations Representative, Communications Specialist, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manger, Search Engine Marketing Strategists

Inside Information: Forbes predicts that in 2014, Social Media will be a necessary investment for all businesses. A 2012 Manta survey showed that 90% of business owners were networking online. 25% of customers were found via social media platforms. According to Burson-Marstellar’s 2012 study, 70% of corporations actually interact with their Facebook commenters. The Huffington Post cited that there were over 1 million websites using Facebook. With most interactions being conducted online, it is no surprise that companies are hiring staff to meet their online branding and marketing needs. From small stores to giant corporations to TV networks, businesses need more business and strong brand recognition through social media is essential.

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